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Our Story

Idaho... Pure Potato Paradise.

Warm, sunny days and cool nights. Centuries-old volcanic soil, rich in nourishing trace minerals. And pure, clear mountain stream water irrigation. It all adds up to world’s best growing conditions for potatoes. Learn more about this special place we’re proud to call home.

The people behind the potatoes.

Idaho’s perfect potato climate and environment would mean nothing without the dedicated, expert local farmers who grow the world-famous potatoes that go into all of our products. Meet a few of them here.

Greg Hirai

Hirai Farms – Wendell, ID

The potatoes love the soil here and I love the potatoes, so I work hard to keep the land healthy for them. My ideal potato? Nice size, uniform shape, medium-brown skin. Perfect for fries.

Nick Cummins

Black Rock Farms – Murtaugh, ID

My brother works our farm in Canada, but I stayed here in Idaho. We trade tips, especially when it comes to conservation and sustainability. It’s great having someone to collaborate with, even from 700 miles away.