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Questions? Comments? Potato jokes? Don’t be shy, let’s talk fries! Get in touch today. We’ll get back to you sooner than later, tater.


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Connect with a fry expert by phone at 1-866-518- 0137 Mon-Fri, 10am – 6pm EST.


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How can we help you?


Check out some of our frequently asked questions below!


For the best sources of money saving coupons and promotions, we recommend checking your local grocery store, online and newspapers. Be sure to also follow @GrownInIdaho on Facebook and Instagram for contests and promotions.


We understand that wheat is a major food allergen. Because we currently do not validate that the level of gluten in our finished product is below 20 parts per million, we cannot label them “Gluten-Free”. However, we have developed our items without added wheat ingredients. Should there be a situation where the cleaning or segregation requirements cannot be fully met, we would include a “May Contains” statement on the label indicating that the food may contain low levels of an allergen. It is always advised to check the ingredient panel on the back of the bag upon purchase to validate the ingredients if you have any sensitivities as formulas may change from time to time.

Can I cook these in an air fryer?

Yes; aside from the Thick-Cut Hash Browns, all of our products can be prepared in an air fryer. Please refer to the product page on our website for specific preparation directions.

Can I deep fry these?

Our products were designed to produce the best quality out of the oven or air fryer (or the skillet for Thick-Cut Hash Browns or Crispy Hash Brown Dices). With that said, we won’t hold you back from preparing it to suit what methods you have at your own home. While we can’t provide specific preparation temperatures or times for deep fry preparation, we would advise to cook to an internal temperature of 165°F to crisp and golden appearance.

Where can I purchase products?

Check out our Where To Buy page to find the store nearest you!

Where can I find new and fun recipes to use these items in?

Check out our Recipes page for a wide variety of delicious meals with step-by-step instructions your entire family will love! Be sure to also follow @GrownInIdaho on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest recipe and pairings ideas.