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From Idaho farms to your freezer.

If you want great fries, start with great potatoes. That’s the whole idea behind our 100% Grown In Idaho fries and frozen potatoes. They’re fresh-cut from only 100% real Idaho® Potatoes, so they always bake up crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And we’ve left the skin on for extra potato flavor and texture. Look for them in your grocer’s freezer. Because the best potatoes make the best fries.

potato puffs grown in idaho
super crispy crinkle cut fries grown in idaho

Check out our complete line of fries and frozen potatoes, each made with 100% Idaho® Potatoes.

You don’t have to travel to Idaho to get 100% Idaho® Potatoes.

waffle cut fries grown in idaho


Classic grilled cheese with a side of Grown In Idaho® Super Crispy Shoestring Fries makes the kids happy, and your inner kid, too! ...

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“Do I really have to share, mom?”
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#NationalFrenchFryDay is July 13th

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#NationalGrilledCheeseDay on a Fryday? This pairing was meant to be. 🥪🍟 ...

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Bacon? More like bae-con. 🥓 ...

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Parents of picky eaters, this one’s for you. We’re helping make mealtime easier with toddler-pleasing plates like this trio featuring Grown In Idaho® Hand Cut Style Fries! ...

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See where your fries got their start and meet the farmers who grow them.

See where your fries got their start and meet the farmers who grow them.